Tips for Boosting Creativity in the Workplace


5 of the Best Ways to Increase Creativity


For those of us that live a life of routine, doing the same thing day in and day out can lead to the mind settling into the redundancy of a never-changing schedule. Both at work and at home, you might even find yourself subconsciously completing tasks simply because you’ve formed the habit. While this may be beneficial to your schedule and keeping your to-do list in order, this can be seriously detrimental to your creativity.

Creativity is a useful tool of the mind when it comes to work projects and getting ahead in the professional world, so it’s important to keep your brain sharp – otherwise, you run the risk of boredom and even burning out. We compiled a quick, easy list of the top ways to boost creativity and improve your work life.


Don’t Force Productivity

In instances where it’s being asked of you to get creative and be original, putting your brain on the spot and demanding yourself to come up with fresh ideas can often result in just the opposite. If you find yourself struggling to conjure up creative thoughts, don’t force it – unplug.

This is meant both figuratively and literally. Disconnect from whatever it is you’re doing and let your brain have some peace. Try meditation or yoga. Put your mind at ease – think about simple things, like what you should do for dinner or what items are on your grocery list. Come back to your mental occupation later, after your brain has had time to recharge.


Make Your Space More Inspiring

Whether in your office or your home, try some reorganization. Move some furniture around, try out some new décor, and add your personal flare to your space. In places that you spend a lot of time, occasionally switching things around will freshen up your day-to-day experience in those areas. Being comfortable and content will lend a hand to your brain being able to relax and go outside the box.


Put Your Brain to the Test

To practice creativity, get a few pieces of blank paper and a pen. Close your eyes. Draw a scribble on each page, one page at a time. Open your eyes and let your mind make something out of nothing by creating a picture out of the scribble you’ve drawn. The picture can be anything. Let your mind guide you.


Inspire Your Mind with a New Hobby

Challenging your brain with a new hobby (like learning to knit, working on some type of craft, cooking classes, etc.) is a good way to exercise your mind. Even if your new hobby is watching documentaries or playing video games, put your brain to the test with something you’ve never done before. Make it educational and immerse yourself. Learning how to do new things and increasing your mental dexterity is sure to give you a newfound source of information and an influx of new ideas, thought processes, and creativity.


Ask for Advice

When all else fails and your brain is stuck in a rut, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Getting a new perspective can open your eyes to possibilities you hadn’t seen before and can help inspire your mind.


Don’t let your creativity fall victim to a mundane life. Allowing your imagination to thrive can improve the professional and personal aspects of your life and even benefit your health. Take our advice – boosting your creativity with these tips will only do you good.



Monday, September 24, 2018
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