The Re-branding Process

Do Your Research
Whenever you are starting the rebranding process, you don’t want to start out blindly. Do your research on all aspects of branding for your company so you know what you want. If you are trying to make decisions when you have not fully decided on what you want, it will be hard to come up with new ideas you completely love.

Build a Story
The best way to come up with a new brand look or logo for your company is to build a story behind the brand. When you have a story behind your brand, it gives your customers a way to connect and relate with your company. Customers like when there is more than just design behind a brand or logo, so know what your audience will resonate with and use it to your advantage.

Don’t Go Overboard
Sometimes we can get wrapped up and think we need to fix everything. However, the truth is not everything will necessarily need to change. This part will partially tie in with doing research. Do your research on what parts of the brand are working well and the ones you can improve on. The parts that are working well, keep the same. You don’t want to overthink the process. If you do overthink the process of branding and change everything you could possibly confuse your customers and receive backlash.

When you are first beginning the process of rebranding, set a timeline for your company. Make sure you stick to that timeline and start to tell your customers about changes coming. If you don’t have a timeline and are unable to warn customers about the changes, it will be a complete shock to them and they will be confused. A timeline will also help your employees remember when the rebranding is taking place so they can fully be prepared as well.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017
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