Team Building Exercises

Creating a strong team environment in your office can be crucial to the success of your company. You want to ensure your employees can work together. You also want them to know each other's strengths and weaknesses to bring out the best in everyone. Using different techniques and games will bring your team closer than ever.

Escape Room
This one requires you to leave the office, but it can come with a great reward. Your team will be placed in a room that is seemingly inescapable. The only way to get out is for your team to work together in order to solve clues which will lead to open passages. This unfamiliar activity will get your employees out of the their comfort zone and make them all use their strengths together to escape.

Scavenger Hunt
A scavenger hunt is a perfect way to mix teams and make everyone come together to work as one. In a scavenger hunt there can be multiple people who have different tasks, but they all have to come together to work as one. Set a time limit for each team and send them off with their list of items they have to find. The first to get all items on the list crossed off is the winner. You can host the scavenger hunt around the office or outside of the office.

Office Trivia
Office trivia will not only make your employees work together, but it will test and build their knowledge of your company. Each week host a trivia question given to separate teams. The teams must deliberate together to decide on an answer and report the answer back before the end of the work day. The following day the winner of the question will be announced and another question will be asked. Keep the questions revolving the work place so your employees get to really know the company better and each other.

Paintballing is unique, but if your employees are the right crowd it can be the perfect team building exercise. Divide your employees into teams that will compete together against the other teams. Try out capture the flag with your teams. Each team will start on opposite sides of the course and the goal is to obtain their flag on the other side of the course before the other team gets their flag. Strategy is key in the game of paintball and it will really get your employees creative juices flowing while learning to work with other and hear each other out.

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