Solutions to Creating an Office Space that Works for You.

Clutter can make you feel overwhelmed and can have a direct impact on how you’re doing your daily work. The first step to creating a space that encourages productivity. Start with your desk. Do you have piles of paper on your desk or in drawers? Sort through all the paperwork and figure out if it’s something that you need or don’t. Shred what you don’t need and sort the remaining into what is pressing and what can be filed away for later retrieval. Adding organizational tools such as file folders or a standing organizer on your desk that you can label for different projects. Most offices have supply closets or you could even hit up a dollar store to find some valuable tools. This first step will already make your mind fresh.

Small office? No problem.
Is your office on the smaller side? Hang up a few mirrors on the walls to instantly make your space feel larger. Adding some décor and personal touches like this is great for making your office feel bigger than it actually is, but it will also make it feel more personal and naturally make your more comfortable.

Lights! Lights! Lights!
We, as humans, feed off the energy that light gives us. If your office or work space isn’t properly lit then it could be having a big impact on your work performance and general mood and wellbeing. Increasing watt voltage in lightbulbs, adding a lamp to your desk or somewhere in your office and utilizing the natural light from windows are all ways to make sure that you’re getting enough sunshine to help you throughout the day.

Move around!
Work can sometimes become redundant no matter how what you do to avoid it. Changing up your surroundings can help combat some of this redundancy. Does your office have spaces that are for the entire office? Talk to your boss and see if you could work in different area for a little while during the day to stimulate those brain cells. Taking in new surroundings and getting yourself out of a familiar area can be enough to clear your mind and get a fresh start!

Bring outdoors indoors
We all wish we could work outside and be surrounded by fresh air and Vitamin D; however, not all of us are that lucky! Bringing in some plants to your office or workspace can help encourage the calming feelings of nature. Adding a few low maintenance plants to your office will add character to your space and help bring the outdoors, indoors.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017
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