Improve Your Business Writing Skills

For most job positions, it is impossible to avoid writing. You may be writing documents to executives or managers, proposals to clients or an email to a fellow colleague. No matter what you are writing, you should always be ready to use your business writing skills well.

Be Direct and Clear
When writing a document, get directly to the point. If you go the roundabout way, it may confuse the recipient of your document. Directly state what you want to say by using a clear, understandable language. If you think part of the document might need further explanation for the recipient, don’t be afraid to add it; keep to the point and avoid adding unnecessary information.

Format Correctly
You must pay attention to detail while formatting a business document. Even if you make one little mistake, it will reflect on you and your business. Check and double check your formatting to ensure you are using the correct layout.

Choose Words Wisely
Keep your words simple and to the point. If you get too fancy with your words, the recipient of the document may get confused while reading it. Also make sure to use active verbs to keep the writing following nicely and avoid using helping verbs like is, are, was, were, have, etc.

Always Proof Read
We are not all perfect, so make sure you proofread your documents before they are sent. You may also want to have someone else read through the document to double check for errors. Many times we will skip over small errors reading our own writing. A second pair of eyes won’t hurt!

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