I've lost my passion for my job and I want it back. So what now?

Confucius once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Do you believe in that theory? I mean, you could have the best job in the world and still have those days where getting the motivation to get out of bed and off to work is a struggle. Does this mean you’ve lost passion for your job? No. But when those days start becoming more and more frequent, or if you find yourself leaving the office frustrated or constantly stressed then it will start to take a toll. According to report from The American Institute of Stress that was published on January 4, 2017, workload is the cause of 46% of our stress load. The other main causes are people issues (28%), juggling work/personal lives (20%), and lack of job security (6%). That means work-related issues account for 72% of our total stress!

Stress can lead to losing momentum or plain losing the passion you once had for your job. This leads to absenteeism, falling productivity levels, reduced critical/creative thinking, and employee turnover. It is estimated that stress costs U.S. businesses around $300 billion a year when accounting for these stress-related effects. So how can you as a business professional bring passion back to your work life? Or better yet, how can you avoid losing it all together? Doing so will have major benefits on yourself, your co-workers and your business. Read further for a few tips.

Get to the heart of the problem.
The first step to any problem is to identify the problem and find out how it happened. Self-reflect by asking yourself questions. Did you get stuck in a routine? Are you managing your time so that you can focus on hobbies outside of work? Are you glued to your phone/laptop/tablet outside of work hours? Are you getting enough sleep? Has there been an event at either work or home that would cause you to become less focused? These are just examples, but there are many reasons why you would lose the love for your job. Luckily, identifying the problem is half the solution. If you find that you are burnt out because you aren’t taking any time for yourself to recharge, take a couple days off and go on a weekend vacation. Make it a habit to keep work at work and only check your phone when it’s necessary. Creating a balance will make both your work and personal life more healthy and stable. Just make sure you’re honest with yourself in this first step.

Switch up your routine.
We, as humans, are creatures of habit so it’s easy that our weekdays all end up following the same routine. We have a schedule and for the most part it doesn’t vary from week to week. While this can be great for those of us who are type-A to our core, it can also be HUGE factor in getting yourself in a rut. A lot of the time we get stuck in our everyday routines and don’t think about it and end up just going through the motions. Add something new to your routine, whether that’s going to lunch with a friend or making time to go for a walk at the end of the day rather than just sitting in front of the TV. Making use of your down time (as actual down time) will make you feel loads better and break up the monotony that can come from routine.

In step one we talked about identifying a problem, in this step identify what made you fall in love with this career in the beginning. Reflect back on the first years of your position and how they made you feel. What did you accomplish? What goals did you have for yourself and your team? How did you convey those goals to other? Fast forward and begin to identify when things started to change. Again, this will probably align with identifying the problem in the first step, but in a different way. If you need to recharge your love of your industry, attend an event that pertains to your career. These are always full of motivational speakers, new ideas, and people that you can relate with. Use this opportunity to expand your way of thinking and rekindle that passion you once had for your career. Sometimes even just remembering why it was your passion can bring that passion back to you.

Fight complacency.
When you envisioned your career, what did it look like? Is the job that you’re currently in working towards that goal? Was this just one step that was going to lead to another? It’s so easy to get comfortable in a job that feels “safe” and you know that there is a steady paycheck coming in every other week, but is this really the job that you want? You might have lost your passion for your job because it’s time for you to challenge yourself with a new position. This doesn’t mean a new business per say, but if there are opportunities for a promotion, now is the time! Set your sights on reaching a new level with the company you already belong to or look elsewhere for a position that aligns with your goals.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017
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