How to Thank Your Employees This Thanksgiving


Give Thanks to Your Staff This Holiday Season


Thanksgiving is fast approaching, which means that it’s the perfect time to do just as the holiday’s name suggests- give thanks!

As a business owner or manager responsible for a team of staff, this gives you a great window of opportunity to show your employees just how much you appreciate them. We compiled a list of simple but sweet ways to tell your team that you’re glad to have them.


3 Ways to Thank Your Employees This Thanksgiving


1. Write handwritten thank you notes.

While this might seem like a small gesture, it’s the thought behind it that really makes it powerful. Everyone loves to be acknowledged for their work and their presence, and it means so much more when it comes handwritten and right from the heart of a leader like your boss. Simply writing a few meaningful words about each of your employees and delivering it right to them is sure to make them feel truly appreciated. Include a candy bar or other small treat to add an exciting twist.


2. Give out personalized gifts.

Get involved with your employees- learn about their likes and their dislikes. This way, when the holidays roll around, you can do something nice for them in the form of personalized gifts. Even if the gifts are small, like a gift card to an employee’s favorite restaurant or a bouquet of their favorite flowers, showing your staff that you listen to them and care about them is the ultimate way to thank them.

Tip: Combine 1 and 2. A note attached to a gift is just a small thing to boost the meaning behind the gift, and believe us, making your employees feel special (they are!) can only be a positive thing.


3. Treat your employees to in-office breakfast or lunch.

Pick a random date and cater breakfast or lunch to the office for your staff! Make it a surprise or announce it out of the blue as a treat to your team members. If you want, you can even make it a monthly gift to your employees. Everyone loves free food – even if it’s at a cost to you, it will be more than worth it when you see how happy your employees are to be rewarded.



Happy Thanksgiving to employers and employees alike!



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