How to Make the Most Out of a Business Loan


What can a business loan be used for?


At Net Pay Capital, it’s pretty obvious that we specialize in business loans. We provide these loans as a way for business owners to properly fund their businesses, but we don’t often give advice on how to use these loans. That’s why we put together this list – a comprehensive guide to getting the most out of a business loan.


Eight of the Best Ways to Utilize a Business Loan


1. Starting Your Business

Perhaps the most common, using the funds from a business loan can help you turn your business idea into an actual business. Creating a business out of nothing requires money – you’ll need a location, products, employees, and enough financing to pay the bills while you wait for your business to make profit.


2. Purchasing Inventory or Equipment

For new businesses and existing businesses, the time will come where you need to purchase inventory or equipment. As customers shop your products, your inventory will go down. It can get expensive to restock your business, since you may have to do it frequently. Or, if you create your own products, you may need to buy materials.

Additionally, as you start a business and your business grows older, your equipment may become outdated or require replacement. Business loans can help you cover these expenses, especially if they come as a surprise.


3. Day-to-day Expenses and Bills

Most businesses function out of some kind of building or location, and oftentimes, rent is required. To afford electricity, running water, heating and air conditioning, and so on can also, understandably, start to get pricy. Another thing you may have to do is regularly pay merchandisers or shipping and handling fees, depending on the type of business you run.

Getting a business loan can allow you a little extra financing to take care of your everyday costs of running a business.


4. Growth of Your Business

So your business is pretty successful, and the time has come where you want to expand your existing business location, open a new location, or change locations altogether. Or maybe you’d like to hire new talent. Or, perhaps, you want to update your equipment and get the latest technology.

A business loan can allow you to do all these things without you having to pull funding directly from your business revenue!


5. Marketing and Advertising

While some marketing is free (social media!), really getting your business out there is going to take a little investment on your part. Billboards, newspaper ads, flyers, and even email marketing campaigns all come with a cost, some more than others. But these things are all part of promoting your business, and to many businesses, the cost is worth it.


6. Paying Your Employees

Providing your employees with a salary, especially in the earlier days of your business, can be tricky. If you don’t want to be paying them out of pocket, you might consider a business loan.


7. Analytics

At some point, you may want to pay a professional to analyze your business. Analytic reports are a good way to see how your business is doing and how it compares to other businesses. They can help you make a plan for the future of your business. However, like everything else on this list, analytics aren’t free of cost.


8. Training

It’s never a bad idea to pursue training for your employees. Conferences, experts, and courses all, once again, come with a price. But if you’re looking to provide the best instruction to your staff, it can be worth paying for.


Of course, these are simply recommendations. If you do find yourself in the market for a business loan, make sure you’re catering to the most prominent needs of your business. We can provide the money, but it’s you that puts the financing to use.

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