How to Be a Better Employer


If you own a business or work in management, there is a large chance that you will be managing others. The people you’re in charge of deserve to be treated fairly and equally – they’re a person with a job, just like you.

To keep your employees happy and your company in good hands, taking care of your workers means being a mindful boss. How can you achieve superior boss status? We have a few suggestions.


Six Traits of a Quality Employer


1. You offer a flexible, understanding schedule.

Part of being an employer is recognizing that your employees have lives outside of the office, and that sometimes things come up that are unavoidable. This is especially true of employees who have others in their care, such as children, or for employees with disabilities or illness.

Acknowledging that your employees may occasionally need to leave work early or skip a day to take care of their personal business will strengthen your relationship with your workers. Reinforce this with your employees – remind them that if emergencies arise, you will accommodate them.


2. You create a fun, inclusive work environment.

Having a positive atmosphere in the workplace will improve the work experience for every single person. Hold team-building exercises, allow your employees to converse and have office friendships, and encourage them to personalize their work space. Have a radio play music throughout the day. Host holiday parties and annual events. Forming a tight-knit, friendly group consisting of employees will lead to a stress and drama free environment, meaning your employees will have a better time at work. As a result, they will work harder and more efficiently. It’s a benefit all around!


3. You recognize, compliment, and reward your employees.

To keep the people who work for you happy, you must spotlight good work and improvement. Schedule regular performance reviews and be sure to discuss good work. When an employee completes a project, goes above and beyond, or even simply suggests a good idea, express that you notice them by verbally acknowledging what they did. Compliment them on their positive work habits.

For stand-out incidents, offer some type of reward: a gift card, a special lunch, a promotion, a raise. Your employees will thrive in a place where they are appreciated.


4. You provide a livable wage and benefits.

This one is obvious: pay your employees what they deserve to be paid, and no matter what, pay them a wage they can live off. On top of that, be sure to offer benefits. Health insurance, life insurance, paid vacation, personal and sick leave, and maternity leave are just a few types of benefits you should consider providing for your workers. By paying employees a proper salary and presenting them with benefits, they will be enticed to not only choose you to work for but will also keep them at your company.


5. You listen to your employees’ thoughts and opinions.

Allowing your employees to come to you when they have something on their mind – whether it’s a concern, complaint, idea, or thought – will foster a comfortable, positive relationship between you and each of your employees.

Plenty of businesses employ an “open door policy,” in which supervisors leave their office door open in an effort to be more approachable to their employees. Permitting your staff to come to you whenever they need will prevent feelings of resentment or feelings of being overlooked. Encourage your team to speak to you about anything and everything – this way, you can squash any problems before they even arise.


6. You give guidance and promote learning.

Be upfront with your employees about what you expect from them. When assigning new tasks and projects, be sure to outline exactly what you’re anticipating from them. Urge your staff to ask questions when they’re confused or don’t understand. Teach them when they don’t know how to do something, and understand that not all your employees are at the same level and not all of them know what you know.



Being an employer and having the responsibility of a team of staff can be overwhelming, especially when you have your own work to do. However, if you keep these characteristics of good employers in mind, you can modify your course of action when it comes to managing your employees. This way, your employees will trust you and have a better time at work. It will also lead to a self-sufficient team – making your job easier.



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