Holiday Perks Your Employees Will Enjoy

By Ariel Burress

December 11, 2017

The season of giving doesn’t stop with just friends and family. Celebrating the season in the office is a great way to boost morale and push towards those year-end goals. December is typically a stressful month for employees that are working towards deadlines and the general commotion of the Holidays. As an employer, it’s your job to push towards the finish line and treat your employees to some Holiday spirit. Even if you’re unable to do a Christmas bonus, there are plenty of ways to treat your employees.

Holiday Party

Oh, the age-old company Christmas party is always a great go-to to celebrate your employees and the year of achievements. This is an opportunity for your employees to spend time together without the stress of their work load. Encourage employees to attend the party with their spouse or friend so all employees can get to know everyone on a more personal basis. Creating a team that not only works well together, but also gets along is crucial in creating an awesome work atmosphere.

Catered Lunch

Break up the day by providing a catered lunch for your employees right before the Holidays. Again, this is a great way to bring all your employees together to enjoy a special treat and get to know other employees that aren’t in their team or that they don’t work with on a regular basis. Catering the lunch is more special than a potluck because it’s truly a gift.

Achievement Awards

The end of the year is a great time to recognize achievements that your business has made that year and recognize the achievements made by certain individuals. Celebrating and recognizing success in your employees will show them how much you value their commitment to the organization. Simple awards like certificates for years of service or goals achieved will motivate others to bring their best work to the table.

Mental Health Day

Deadlines are coming in hot this time of year and the pressure is on for all employees. Reward your team’s hard work by giving everyone a day off for “mental health”. This treat could go so much farther than a bonus because time is so valuable, and this gives your employees one more opportunity to enjoy the Holidays. Also, this is a great way for employees to get some time to recharge and come back to work prepared for the New Year.


Of course, this is the season of giving and getting a gift for all your employees is such a great gesture. This could be as simple as a gift card or a company branded item that they could wear in the office. Employees appreciate when they are being thought of by their superior and a little gift can go a long way.

Fun and Games

Encourage the office to participate in a White Elephant or Secret Santa gift exchange. Both activities provide an excellent way for all your employees to take part in the Holiday spirit and get to know other employees as well. Cap out the budget and make a questionnaire for gift ideas to ensure that everyone is getting a gift that they will love!



Monday, December 11, 2017
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