Easy, Actually Fun In-Office Team Building Exercises


Simple, Enjoyable Ways to Bring Your Team Closer Together


Most people don’t have jobs to make friends, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be friends with your coworkers or that your staff shouldn’t be comfortable and familiar with each other. It’s much easier to work in an environment where you feel like a valuable part of the team rather than being an outcast in your own place of employment.

Luckily, team building exercises exist for this reason. Making an effort to bring your team together and helping them get used to working with each other can only benefit your business. Check out our favorite methods for team building!


Our Top Team Building Exercises


Board Game Night

Everyone can have a good time playing games! Set up a game night a couple of times a year. Have staff members bring their favorite board games and a snack or drink to share with the group. Play movies or music and provide popcorn for a night of fun! You can even spruce things up by setting up game tables and decorating the party space.

This allows every team member the opportunity to play something they like, since they can bring their own games. Having multiple games going at once also lets people pick exactly what they’d like to play. Hanging out in a casual, friendly environment presents the perfect opportunity for mingling and getting to know each other!


Office Trivia

Compile a list of questions about the office to use as trivia. For example:

“How many people work in the customer service department?”

“What color are the walls in the bathroom?”

“What brand of coffee do we keep in the break room?”

Keep the questions focused on physical attributes of the office that have specific answers and that most people can figure out. Do NOT make the questions personal or about team members. You can throw in some fun and quirky questions as well, as long as your questions make sense for your work environment!

Schedule some time on a Friday or slow work day for staff to come together. They can play as individuals or in groups. Ask your trivia questions and keep score of which person or team gets the most questions right! Offer a gift card or candy bar as a prize.


Bake Off

Not too many people will turn down a nice dessert! Pick a relaxed work day and cater food to the office. Provide lunch for your team – with a side of competition! Challenge your staff to make their favorite dessert and bring it to the lunch for everyone to try. Allow coworkers to mingle and talk over food and tasty treats. At the end of the day, hold a vote. Who makes the best dessert?!


Volunteer Work

Volunteer opportunities are endless. Get your team together on a weekend and go out into your community to make a difference. Volunteer work is all about teamwork – people coming together to help others. Look up what kind of options there are in your area and plan for your business to get out there and get involved.

Preparing meals for the homeless, lending a hand to animal shelters, and helping staff local events are all different types of work your group could be doing. Get specialized t-shirts and even spread your brand while you volunteer! It’s the all-around perfect chance to bring your coworkers and employees closer together while doing good in your community.



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